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Pick 6 Lotto Jackpot for Monday, 7/15/2024:  $2.8 Million

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How to Play

Playing Pick 6 is simple: just choose 6 different numbers, each between 1 and 49.  If 3 or more of your numbers matches the numbers drawn, you win a prize.  (See Odds and Prizes.) 

If you would rather have the computer select random numbers for you, just select a "Quick Pick".

Drawings are held every Monday and Thursday at approximately 7:56 PM Eastern Time.  (Except when Christmas Day falls on a Monday or Thursday, in which case the drawing is held the preceding or following day.)  The drawing results are available on this web site soon after the drawing.


Subscriptions are a great option if you want to automatically play in each drawing.  Once you sign up, we'll take care of the rest.  Before each drawing, we'll send you an e-mail with confirmation that you're participating in the drawing, and we'll automatically notify you if you've won a prize.

You can purchase a subscription ranging from 2 to 104 drawings.  For the duration of your subscription, the numbers you choose to play will be played every drawing.

Odds and Prizes

Matching NumbersOddsPrize LevelAverage Prize
6 out of 61: 13,983,816JackpotJackpot
5 out of 61: 54,201Second$2,700*
4 out of 61: 1,032Third$56*
3 out of 61: 57Fourth$3

* Average Prizes are pari-mutuel and are based on sales and number of winners with the exception of the $3 prize which is a fixed prize.

Prize Payments

You do not have to choose between a cash (lump-sum payment) or annuity (installment payments) when you place your order.  All top prizes are considered installment payments (annuity) unless the winner chooses a lump-sum payment after they've won.

Cash (Lump-Sum Payment)

After you've won, you can choose to receive your portion of the jackpot prize pool all at once.  The lump-sum payment amount is the cash value of the jackpot prize on the day of the draw.

Annuity (Installment Payments)

If you prefer annual payments, your portion of the jackpot prize pool will be distributed to you in 30 annual payments.  You will receive one payment every year for 30 years.

Why is the Choice Important?

Winners who choose the Annuity option will be taxed on each year's winnings as they receive them.  Winners who choose the Cash option will be taxed on the entire amount all at once. 

Why Is the Cash Option Jackpot Less Than the Advertised Jackpot?

Pick 6 Lotto jackpots are advertised at the estimated amount of the 30-year annual Installment Payments.  With Installment Payments, the first annual payment is approximately 1/30th of the estimated jackpot amount.  For the remaining 29 years, the New Jersey Lottery buys Government Security or Insurance Bonds, which earn interest annually.  That annual return, plus the original prize pool, makes up the entire annuity prize.  Winners who choose the Cash option do not receive the interest generated by the 29-year investments.

Jackpot Payment Example*

If the New Jersey Lottery estimates a jackpot of $11 million, the approximate Lump-Sum cash value is $4.6 million.  With the Lump-Sum Payment, the winner may receive the $4.6 million in one payment, less the required 28% federal tax withholdings.  With the Installment Payments, the winner receives $11 million over a 30-year period, less the required 28% federal tax withholdings.

* Dollar amounts are based on payments to a single jackpot winner, sales, and fluctuating interest rates.

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